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Sample Heat Seal Request

If you are interested in one of our products, please send us a dozen bags or 3 feet (36”) of your plastic heat seal material. We will make heat seal samples for you to test before selecting one of our products.

Make sure you include your return address so we can return your heat seal samples.

We will assist you to achieve the best solution for your heat seal application.

Send to:
Sample Heat Seals

539 South Main Street
Nazareth, PA 18064 USA

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TOSS Technology precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Forming Collars and Sets

Custom designed round and
rectangular formers as well as
edge folding units and accessories.
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Imagine Sustainability

Imagine Sustainability with TOSS Impulse Heat Seal Controls

TOSS Pneumatic Ball Slide

TOSS pre-engineered and proven Pneumatic Ball Slides do it all with minimal design and assembly effort.
TOSS Pneumatic Ballslide

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