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PW3400 Touchscreen Fully Validatable

PW3400 Touchscreen Fully ValidatableThe NEW PW3400 validatable impulse heat sealer, with TOSS TOUCHSCREEN control, provides a graphical display of temperature/ time/ pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms.

Fully validatable and calibratable, ISO 11607, and RoHS compliant. This clean room heat sealer, with the TOSS TOUCHSCREEN control, is designed for quality, reliable sealing of plastics and sealable composites in a Medical Packaging, Research & Development, or production environment.

This versatile impulse heat sealer, with TOSS TOUCHSCREEN control, provides a graphical display of temperature / time / pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual / audible alarms. Time, temperature and pressure are programmable with the cooling cycle controlled by either time or temperature. Process controls are displayed in real time. Validation is easier than ever through the menu driven single touch process.
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Precision Vacuum Heatsealer Options
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Touchscreen Menu PW3400
  • AUTOCAL (automatic Zero Calibration) with multi point calibration
  • Recipe storage
  • Re-settable seal counter
  • Graphical temperature display
  • Alarm diagnostics
  • Password protection
  • Watchdog monitoring checks temperature while idle.

Animation of the Touchscreen Controls

Product Details

Standard Features:

Tabletop 16” & 24”
Compressed air exhaust outlet
Low pressure closing/high pressure sealing
Stainless Steel Case
Single or Dual band operation
°C or °F
Emergency Stop Button
Can be fitted with any one of over 300 different TOSS Alloy-20® C heatseal bands depending on the results desired.


Vacuum and Gas Purge Available
Adjustable Stainless Steel Stand
Stainless Steel product table
Water-cooled Jaws
NIST Traceable certification
CE Compliant


Heat Seal Length: 16 - 24 Inches

Heat Seal Width: 2 - 10 mm

Temperature Range: 300°C - (Optional 500°C)

Timers: 0.1 - 98.9 Sec

115 (Optional 230 VAC)
50/60 Hz

Air Pressure: 80 - 100 psig

18"w x 18"d x 18"h

95 lb.

All PackworldUSA Medical Heat Sealers are equipped with the advanced TOSS® Technology. With TOSS, Variable Resistance Control (VRC) is employed allowing the heating element to serve as its own sensing device, eliminating the inherent inconsistencies found with other heat sealer controls. Like an RTD, TOSS solely measures and controls the resistance of the entire heating element, eliminating temperature variations caused by the surrounding environment or by the frequent movement of thermocouples.

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Heat Sealing Technology

The Perfect Heatseal is achieved with absolute control over time, temperature, and pressure. Whereas the perfect repeatable temperature cycle is the most difficult to achieve, perfection cannot be achieved without a controlled pressure that is uniform over the full length of the sealed area.
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PackworldUSA is a manufacturer and distributor of validatable heat sealing equipment ranging from benchtop heat seal models to floor-standing heat seal production machines including vacuum/purge and heat seal/cut packaging capabilities for a variety of heat seal materials and pouch shapes.

All of our energy and engineering resources are dedicated to designing heat seal machines that meet today's most stringent validation requirements. Our heat sealing machines meet the FDA/GMP/NIST validation requirements demanded by the medical, pharmaceutical, and bio tech industries, so you can be sure that they'll meet your needs no matter what your application is.

TOSS Technology precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Technology precision
impulse heat sealing controls
and components.

TOSS Forming Collars and Sets

Custom designed round and
rectangular formers as well as
edge folding units and accessories.
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Imagine Sustainability

Imagine Sustainability
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Heat Seal Controls

TOSS Pneumatic Ball Slide

TOSS pre-engineered and
proven Pneumatic Ball Slides
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