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Table Top Sealers

PW3000 | PW3100 | PW3100 VACUUM | PW4000 | PW4000 VACUUM

PW 3016 & 3024PW3000: PW3016, PW3024
Vertical Heat Sealing Machines - Our most popular Heat Sealer. Vertical feed allows the package to remain upright while being sealed... Learn More

PW 3116PW3100: PW3116, PW3124
Horizontal Heat Sealing Machines - Put this impulse heat sealer to the test. No heat sealing machine using thermocouples can even come close...
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PW 4024 & 4036PW4000: PW4024
PW4000 Fully Validatable Precision Heat Sealer - The system provides the safety and assurance needed by the medical and other industries where perfect temperature control is essential...
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PW4400PW4400 Touch: PW4424
PW4400 Fully Validatable Precision Heat Sealer - The system provides the safety and assurance needed by the medical and other industries where perfect temperature control is essential...
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PW4400PW4400 Touch Vacuum: PW4424, PW4436
Vaccuum and Gas Purge enabled version of the PW4400 Touchscreen sealer. Vacuum levels set by time or pressure, easy calibration and validation, recipes and graphical display.
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PW7016KPW7016: PW7016, PW7016K
The PW 7016 is an all-electric bench top heat seal machine. This cost effective, foot pedal operated machine is perfect for the production sealing of Tyvek, poly, foil pouches and other heat sealable materials. Capturing seal parameter data is just one of the high-level features standard on this compact unit. Optional knife cutting system. Learn More

PW7016PW7016HT: PW7016HT, PW7016K
A cost effective, foot pedal switch operated, tabletop sealer is perfect for the production heat sealing of FEP (fluro ethylene propylene) and other Cryo preservation materials... Learn More

PW2000 Custom PressPW2000: PW2000 Custom Press
The 2000 Series Bench Top Press is the perfect solution for low volume convenience packaging or as a development laboratory tool... Learn More

Miniro H-SealMiniro Rotary Series: H‐Seal, REBI
Designed to offer a technologically advanced product, it
answers all the requirements of high productivity in a
reliable and user friendly machine... Learn More

Miniro H-Net EvoMiniro Rotary w/printing: H-Data, H-Data Evo,
H-Net Evo, H-Lan, H-Lan Touch
Very quick and reliable, Miniro H-data is one of the latest
developments of sealing machine to close and print medical
pouches according to the ISO 11607 standards... Learn More

H460/610ATMedical H460/610AT: H460AT, H610AT
Designed specifically for the Medical Industry, these heat seal
machines are qualified to meet FDA/GMP validation guidelines...
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TB‐3 Tube Heat SealingTB‐3 Tube Heat Sealing: TB‐3
Designed to provide an innovative solution for closing and
simultaneously embossing plastic tubes... Learn More

CGMaticCGMatic Sealer: CGMatic
CGMatic is a table top sealer for polyethylene and light coated materials. It can work manually or semi automatically, with closing through electromagnets.... Learn More

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TOSS Technology precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

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rectangular formers as well as
edge folding units and accessories.
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Imagine Sustainability

Imagine Sustainability with TOSS Impulse Heat Seal Controls

TOSS Pneumatic Ball Slide

TOSS pre-engineered and proven Pneumatic Ball Slides do it all with minimal design and assembly effort.
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