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PackworldUSA is a manufacturer and distributor of validatable heat sealing equipment ranging from benchtop heat seal models to floor-standing heat seal production machines including vacuum/purge and heat seal/cut packaging capabilities for a variety of heat seal materials and pouch shapes.

All of our energy and engineering resources are dedicated to designing heat seal machines that meet today's most stringent validation requirements. Our heat sealing machines meet the FDA/GMP/NIST validation requirements demanded by the medical, pharmaceutical, and bio tech industries, so you can be sure that they'll meet your needs no matter what your application is.

A Letter from our Founder

Charles TrillichOver twenty-five years ago, as President of Inpaco, Inc., I managed the design of numerous machines including totally aseptic, fitment attachment, form/fill/seal machines for the packaging of parenteral solutions. The limitations of thermocouples as temperature monitors became evident and the need for perfection became apparent. A search began for alternate temperature monitoring means.

The solution was found in TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control —The Optimum Sealing System—. This system utilizes the temperature of the heat sealing element itself as the monitor and eliminates the errors that are inherent in thermocouple placement and attachment. A more detailed explanation of this technology can be found in an article published by Cannon Communications entitled "The Art of Thermocouple Measurement".

Today, Packworld USA uses TOSS Technology in all of its heat sealing equipment. By so doing, Packworld is able to provide its customers with precisely controlled, validatable heat-sealing equipment and the promise of perfect seals… every time.

Package integrity begins and ends with precise control. The experience shared by the contributors to the above mentioned article (The Art Of Thermocouple Measurement) accentuates the difficulty encountered in attempting to control temperature by conventional means. And Cannon is to be congratulated for recognizing the problem and bringing it to our attention.

Charles Trillich
Charles H. Trillich
Founder, Packworld USA

Green Every DaySustainable and green initiatives are becoming increasingly important in today's business climate, as companies restructure their supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint, while also improving their bottom line.

PackworldUSA precision heat sealers use 20 to 30 times LESS power than conventional Constant (hot bar) sealers.

This is based on power consumptions by comparing same size heat sealing bars. The data was developed taking into account the heat lost from radiation and an estimate of losses from the Hot Bar into the mounting structure.

Constant heat bars have an initial heat up with 550 watts for 30 minutes while Packworld Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) bands use higher 625 watts for only 0.40 seconds. Constant bars will use approximately 450 watts per hour for 8 hours to maintain the temperatures.

There are other heat losses beyond the computation, such as multiple machines in a controlled temperature room running consistently during the shift.

PackworldUSA precision heatsealers provide simple validation and calibration controls in a user friendly machine.

Learn MoreFind out more about Green Heatsealing — Click the "Request Info" and we’ll send you the details of our findings and our “9-Steps to Heatsealing Perfection”. PackworldUSA is a totally solar powered facility, manufacturing all our equipment in Nazareth, PA.

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Perfect Seals

A perfect seal is one that does not allow microorganisms to enter (no channel leaks or other seal defects that can allow entry) and remains so during the rigors of processing (especially sterilization), storage, handling and distribution. (Seal integrity)

A perfect seal must be strong enough to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation and yet provide for convenient opening at the point of use. (Seal strength)

A perfect seal must be continuous without any visual defects. Visual inspections should be augmented with physical tests to assure uniformity and continuity.

Perfect Seals... Every Time - That's our promise!

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TOSS Technology precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

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