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Fully Validatable Medical Heat Sealing Equipment

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vacuum impulse heat sealerPackworldUSA manufactures precision validatable medical heat sealing equipment and vacuum impulse heat sealing pharmaceutical packaging machines. From benchtop heat sealers and vacuum/purge heat sealers to seal/cut heat sealers, PackworldUSA is a leading supplier of validatable heat sealing equipment to the medical, electronics, food, cosmetics and industrial impulse heat and vacuum sealers.

The TOSS Advantage
What sets PackworldUSA apart from all the rest is its use of the high response, state-of-art, TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control. All PackworldUSA machines come equipped with the advanced TOSS heat sealing system. Unlike other heat sealing methods, only TOSS uses Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) heat sealing technology to monitor and adjust temperature precisely over the full length and width of the heat sealing element, accurate, up to 500◦C. With TOSS Technology, the inherent inconsistencies of thermocouple controls are eliminated and customers are assured of consistent, repeatable seals from one machine to another as well as from the first seal to the last.
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Packaging Compliance Labs
“We love the technology, the quality, the reliability of the Packworld products.” stated Sarah Rosenblum of PCL. Packaging Compliance Labs finds value in the TOSS Technology. Rosenblum added, “Having confidence that equipment can quickly and sustainably establish and maintain right conditions to produce consistent seals in sterile medical device packaging is a big deal.”
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the evolution of heat sealing

Why PackworldUSA medical heat sealers Our equipment utilizes the temperature of the heat sealing element itself as the temperature monitor and eliminates the errors that are inherent in thermocouple placement and attachment.
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PackworldUSA validatable heat seal equipment expertise Packworld's exclusive Validation Guide will help you get the most from your new heat seal machine. Plus, you can depend on Packworld's heat seal validation expertise to help you quickly achieve IQ OQ PQ validation compliance.
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PW4400 touchscreen animationTOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY
The New PW4400 Validatable Impulse Heat Sealer with Touchscreen Control and TOSS TouchScreen Pass Through Heat Sealer PW5400 Series Fully Validatable, 36”, 48”, 60” & Custom Sizes Available

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Heat Seal EquipmentProduct Overview

Fully Validatable Heat Seal Equipment: Medical Sealers, Lab Sealers, Vacuum Sealers, Table Top Sealers, Freestanding Sealers, Custom Press, Options for Heat Sealers

Green Every Day

PackworldUSA precision heatsealers provide simple validation and calibration controls in a user friendly machine. Find out more about Green Heatsealing...

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Fact: Nothing But the Facts

The Real Story About Controlled Impulse Heat Sealing of Polymeric Materials

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TOSS Technology precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control precision impulse heat sealing controls and components.

TOSS Forming Collars and Sets

Custom designed round and
rectangular formers as well as
edge folding units and accessories.
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Imagine Sustainability

Imagine Sustainability with TOSS Impulse Heat Seal Controls

TOSS Pneumatic Ball Slide

TOSS pre-engineered and proven Pneumatic Ball Slides do it all with minimal design and assembly effort.
TOSS Pneumatic Ballslide

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