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PACKWORLD 9 Steps to Heat Sealing Perfection

Step 9Controller Selection
Pick the right controller for the job.

ROPEX Resistron (RES) Heatseal Temperature Controllers are designed specifically for controlling heatsealing operations. They are not general purpose controllers. The functions and features are precisely those needed for heatsealing perfection. With the ROPEX Resistron RES Heatseal Temperature Controllers every sealing cycle is provided with exactly the amount of energy needed to create the perfect seal. Since the temperature can be controlled, it is possible to energize the Heatseal Band before the jaws are closed without danger of overheating. Heatseal Bands and Cover Strip material last longer and every seal is the same without adjustment, day in and day out. The question is, “Which Temperature Controller is right for the application?”

ROPEX Resistron (RES) Heatseal Temperature 400 Series Controllers utilize digital technology and are universally adaptable to almost every heat sealing application. The models RES-407 and RES-408 are designed for “in cabinet” mounting to protect the controller from such hazards as untrained personnel and chemical washdown. The RES-420 and RES-440 are panel mounted for easy access and visibility.

Standard RES-Controllers are somewhat limited in power, but Booster Systems are available for loads as high as 15 KVA. Applications with heavy loads or prolonged sealing cycles require special consideration. Please consult the Application Engineers at TOSS for assistance in your system design.

Controllers for Mounting Inside the Control Cabinet

ROPEX Resistron RES-407
This versatile controller can interface with your PLC controls. It will respond to both “START” and analog “Temperature Control” signals and will feedback actual heatseal band temperature in real time. Important features include Auto-calibration and Fault Detection including Heatseal Band break, parallel band break, and ground fault detection. An overheat detection circuit activates an “Alarm” which, in turn, will shut down the system in the event of fault. A 24 VDC auxiliary power supply is required.


ROPEX Resistron RES-408
A panel mounted key-pad with a menu driven LED display is the outstanding advantage of this “in cabinet” controller. Seal Temperature and Preheat Temperature are displayed in real time or “hold” mode. Fault Detection features include error diagnosis in the event of an “Alarm” and both Pre-heat and Seal Heat can be activated remotely. AutoCal simplifies the calibration process and an analog temperature output is also included for feedback to a meter or datalogger.


Controllers for Mounting through the Control Cabinet

RES-440ROPEX Resistron RES-440
Most useful, this panel mounted controller has a key-pad and Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) to select and display Pre-heat Temperature, Seal Temperature, Heating and Cooling Time, as well as Alarms and Fault Descriptions. Other features include; AutoCal, Analog Temperature Output, Preheat and Booster Modes, selectable Temperature Ranges, ­programmable time sequence, and most important, fully inter-changeable with all 200 Series panel mounted controllers.

ROPEX Resistron RES-420
Similar to the RES-440, this controller is less costly than the RES-440. Features include LCD Temperature Display, AutoCal, Fault Alarm, Booster output and selective error diagnosis. It is inter-changeable with the RES-210, 211, 220, and the 221.

Controller Selection
A list of controllers is provided to illustrate some of the various models that are available. When designing a system it is best to consult for assistance in making the final selection.

Please call TOSS Applications Engineering for assistance 610-759-8883.


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9 Steps to Heat Sealing Perfection

STEP 1 - Heat Sealing Configuration
Determine what is expected from the seal.

STEP 2 - Heatseal Band Selection
Select the proper Heatseal Band for the job.

STEP 3 - Modes of Sealing
Which sealing mode is best for this application?

STEP 4 - Heatseal Jaw Design
How to make a functioning Heatseal Jaw?

STEP 5 - Heatseal Band
Back-Ups & Jaw Facings

Select a facing for the jaw.

STEP 6 - Anti-Stick Provisions
Keep the hot plastic from sticking.

STEP 7 - Timing
When to heat and when to cool.

STEP 8 - Transformer Selection
Size the transformer.

STEP 9 - Controller Selection
Pick the right controller for the job.

How to make a functioning Heatseal Jaw

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